7 Ways to Increase Your Life Expectancy

Although longevity depends on genetic factors, lifestyles and positive attitudes toward life are important factors to help you enhance your life expectancy.

Increase Your Life Expectancy

Limit the harmful habits

It has been proven that the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol contribute to speed up the aging of the body’s organs. Although we do not get the harmful effects of these habits right, according to research’s results, the age of people addicted to smoking reduce 8-9 years, and 10-15 years for people addicted to alcohol.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

People who get enough sleep are healthier than people who sleep too much or too little. The average person who sleeps 7 hours per day has the lowest death rate, whereas person who sleeps 9 hours per day are at the highest risk.

Control the stress

Control the stress

Work pressure, earning money, your children make up your daily depression and stress. Stress is a powerful factor of aging. So, if you want to slow down biological aging process, you must know how to handle stress, and don’t let your body drop into stressful status in the long run. To enhance the longevity, you need to live comfortably, keep your joyful spirit and care for people around. To reduce stress, massage chair is one of the best method to help you relieve tension; alleviate depression, chronic pain, joint issue, high-blood pressure, anxiety and more. A massage chair comes with many pre-programmed massage option, time frame of the massage, body-mapping technology and so on, which help you enjoy the comfort, relaxation and health-boosting benefits.

Always smile

Always smile

Smile strengthens the immune system, especially increase the formation of “killer cells” which help the body fight disease and cancer. Smile also increases the production of endorphins in the brain and compounds that make the feeling of happiness. Certainly, a smiley person will live longer than sad one.

Maintain a healthy diet

The relationship between weight and longevity remains poorly elucidated; but we all know that overweight and obesity are risky factors for many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. These diseases can cause death. Diet for the prevention of this disease requires the limitation of fat, sugar and salt; eating enough protein, calories during the day and provide enough vitamins and minerals. Unreasonable nutrition reduces average life expectancy of 6-10 years.

Maintain the mental activity

If you retire, you should read book, play chess, play sport and so on in your spare time to stimulate thinking and intellectual development. Maintaining the mental activity is the important key to reduce the rate of aging of the body.

Participate in social activities

It has been proven that people, who are open-minded, have a wide relationship and a lot of friends are often healthier than those who are reserved and live alone. Those who have many relatives and friends will be less affected by stress and are more likely to suffer from stress factors. Doing exercise between 30 and 70 years of age helps your body lose about 30 to 40% of muscle mass. Besides, the efficiency of the heart’s blood supply drops more than 30%. If you do exercise regularly, it will slow down these changes for about 20 years. Some exercises help you to prolong life are power walking and cycling (At least 3 times per week and 30-40 minutes each session).

What people need to know about TENS unit?

How are TENS machines used and by whom?

What need to know about TENS unit

TENS machine is a personal device so you can control it by yourself. This mean to allow you adjust its setting and select program suitable for your pain without indication of doctor. About using a TENS, it is very simple. Firstly, you assemble main machine, laps and lap wires follow brand’s tutorial. You put gel on laps then applying pads on surface of your skin where you feel the pain. Turning TENS on and selecting mode and adjusting intensity.  Depending on the level of pain for a certain day, you can adjust for different intensities. If you meet a trouble, don’t be shy ask on customer service to get the finest instruction. TENS therapy is most commonly to use for chronic pain and acute pain; pains come from muscle or joint. TENS therapy also is applied for women in labor time but you must to visit doctor for asking advice before using in this case. Generally, pregnant women should use TENS on first 4 months when she still at home is the best. Some headache, period pain and traumas from sports are treated by TENS but it is not popular as well as not giving the best results as you desire. Beside, TENS is an excellent therapy to help you make to disappeared tiredness, insomnia or dementia in sometime.

TENS machine can be run independently as well as to be combine with other electrical devices use electric current.

The usage of TENS will help you reduce pain and save an amount of money from buying drugs so this therapy is quite worth to try. But normally, price of a TENS is expensive and you are not sure if it is actually good; you should borrow or hire ones from clinic or any friends and try it out before buying. To finding what most suitable setting is, you must to try each ones in rotation, feel the effect and give the last choice.

How Long Can I Wear The TENS For?

Normally, TENS is used from 15 to 30 minute for each time usage and several times per day depends on your need or level of pain. Somewhere, doctor advice that user should to use 3 times per day in maximum for getting best result but you still can increase times if you hurt too much or don’t feel any effects. In addition, you can use TENS all day for relaxing purpose without meeting any troubles or any side effects.

What should I do after using the TENS unit?

What should I do after using the TENS unitRight away after feeling the pain go down or disappear, you can take TENS off by turning the machine off. Lightly unplugging the electrode wires from the main device as well as electrodes (laps).

The electrodes may be remain on your skin if you want to continue TENS treatment in next turn. If not, you remove the electrodes from position. After that, you should wash the skin out where the electrodes were applied because gel stick on surface of skin. Clean the laps out with water and soap to remove the gel. Do not use any liquid which have alcohol ingredient because it can cause damage for the rubber on the laps. If the laps are damaged or no longer stuck to the skin, you may to throw it away and get new laps. If your laps are over, you can buy them on brand’s homepage or any selling website. Then, you remove the batteries in the back of device and replace them with new batteries. As laps, you can buy them on any groceries when they are over. On another way, there are some automated charging machines that you can buy to charge full batteries to use for another treatment.

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Sitting by the Fire, Without Fire!

Sitting by the fireplace and enjoying time with loved ones during cold winter days is something that almost everyone long for. Fireplaces are something that bring great amount of liveliness and warmth to living rooms. There are many types of fireplaces available in the market. Traditional fireplaces using firewood is not practical and cost effective these days. It is better to have gas fireplaces. There are electric fireplaces also. It is comparatively cleaner.

Nowadays fireplaces have become modern and user friendly. But the antique beauty of traditional fireplaces is awesome. To light a fire in the traditional way one needs to have skill and perseverance. Traditional fireplaces consume a huge chunk of firewood. So we need to arrange everything before winter. Some took this as a hobby. For some else it was a pride. They loved sitting in the warmth of their fireplace all the evening and getting flattered by their friends.

Traditional fireplaces were difficult to construct and maintain

It was not as easy as it looks. Traditional fireplaces were difficult to construct and maintain. A fireplace with good design brought great results. Plenty of time had to be invested in collecting firewood. Even more patience was also required. Kindling firewood had to be done carefully. But with modern technology, fireplaces became common and could be made by anyone with basic knowledge in architecture.

If you need a fireplace in your home, just follow the simple steps. Design a fireplace that matches your taste. Get some professional help in constructing it. Now choose between gas and electric current. Which ever you find cost effective could be used. In chilly winter evenings, switch on the fire button, sit back, and enjoy with your family and friends. This saves a lot of time and energy. Moreover a gas fireplace does not emit smoke and is thus eco friendly too.

The electrical fireplaces are better option for small houses. They consume little space. Nowadays there are even portable fireplaces available in the market. Working in electric current, these fireplaces can be installed anywhere in the house. These electric fireplaces have many more advantages. If you need to heat up instantly, just switch the machine on.

Modern electrical fireplaces

Be it gas fireplace or electric fireplace, unlike the traditional one, it is very much user friendly. The modern fireplaces are pollution free and emit no smoke at all. That will ensure the long life of your favorite curtains and accessories in living room where the fireplace is installed. Above all, the most important advantage is that you won’t have to clean your fireplace everyday. In the case of traditional fireplaces, they had to be cleaned every morning.

The future of fireplaces seems to be more interesting. Fireplace may become another electronic gadget operated via remote control. The comfort of sitting by the fireplace with a piece of your favorite literature is above everything. If you don’t have a fireplace, it is high time to own one.